In the bustling heart of Chicago, Loop Perio stands as a beacon of advanced periodontal care. Understanding that dental anxiety is a common hurdle for many, our team is dedicated to making your visits as comfortable as possible. Dental anxiety, though common, shouldn’t stand in the way of your oral health. Here are seven practical strategies to help you reduce dental anxiety, ensuring a more relaxed and positive dental experience.


Gaining a thorough understanding of what your appointment entails can significantly reduce fear of the unknown. At Loop Perio, we provide comprehensive resources on our website detailing various procedures and what to expect, demystifying the process. Beyond online information, we encourage a pre-appointment chat where you can express any concerns and ask questions. This proactive approach not only prepares you mentally but also builds a trust-based relationship with your periodontist, ensuring you feel more confident and less anxious about the upcoming treatment.


Open communication is pivotal in managing dental anxiety. At Loop Perio, we foster an environment where your feelings and concerns are validated and addressed with empathy and professionalism. We encourage you to share your past dental experiences, specific fears, or triggers with us, as this information is invaluable in customizing your care. Our team is trained to adjust treatments and approaches based on your feedback, ensuring a personalized experience that prioritizes your comfort and reduces anxiety.


Incorporating relaxation techniques into your dental visit can profoundly impact your anxiety levels. At Loop Perio, we not only suggest but actively support the use of deep breathing exercises and guided imagery to help calm nerves. These techniques can be practiced in the waiting room and continued in the dental chair, creating a serene mindset throughout your visit. For those unfamiliar with these methods, our team can guide you through simple exercises, making your experience at Loop Perio more relaxed and positive.

Dental Anxiety


Distractions can be a powerful tool in mitigating dental anxiety. At Loop Perio, we encourage patients to bring any personal item that offers comfort, whether it’s music, audiobooks, or even a stress-relief toy. These distractions can significantly shift your focus away from the procedure, creating a more relaxed experience. Additionally, our treatment rooms are designed to create a calming atmosphere, and we’re open to adjusting the environment to suit your preferences, be it dimming the lights or playing soft background music, further aiding in distraction and relaxation.


Scheduled breaks during your treatment at Loop Perio offer you a sense of control and comfort. We understand that some procedures can be lengthy or overwhelming, so we encourage you to signal us whenever you need a moment to relax. This patient-centered approach ensures that you never feel rushed or pressured. In addition, we explain each step of the procedure beforehand so you know what to expect and can plan breaks accordingly, making your dental experience more predictable and less anxiety-inducing.


Understanding that each patient’s level of anxiety is unique, Loop Perio offers a range of sedation options to suit individual needs. From mild sedatives to help you relax to more profound options for those with severe anxiety, our goal is to ensure your utmost comfort. Before any sedation procedure, we discuss the options in detail, including what to expect and any necessary preparations, ensuring you make an informed decision. Our experienced team closely monitors your well-being throughout the procedure, providing a safe, comfortable, and anxiety-free dental experience.


Having a supportive companion during your dental visit can provide an additional layer of comfort. At Loop Perio, we welcome and encourage you to bring a friend or family member to your appointment. Their presence can offer emotional support and reassurance, making your experience more pleasant. We also ensure that your companion is well-informed and comfortable during their wait, providing a welcoming environment for them as well. This inclusive approach aims to create a supportive atmosphere for our patients, easing anxiety and promoting a positive dental care experience.


At Loop Perio, we are committed to providing a stress-free, comfortable, and understanding environment for all our patients. Remember, your oral health is important, and overcoming dental anxiety is a step toward maintaining your overall well-being. If you’re in Chicago and struggling with dental anxiety, we invite you to reach out to us. Let’s work together to ensure your dental visits are as comfortable and anxiety-free as possible.