Dental care and tooth extractions One of the most common dental procedures done day in and day out is tooth extractions. When a tooth is removed, for whatever reason, there is a hole left in the gums and jaw bone. This hole is known as a socket. If care is not given during and after the extraction, the socket can lead to deterioration of the gums and bone in the surrounding area. Socket preservation is a simple – yet extremely important – measure to protect the integrity and health of the remaining teeth.


More often, when a tooth is extracted, a dental implant is placed in the space. If you choose to not have an implant placed after the extraction, uncontrolled shrinkage can result. This can cause the gums to pull away from the surrounding teeth and can also lead to bone loss. Here at Loop Perio, we can help with all aspects of tooth extraction and help you take care of your teeth and gums following an extraction.


Socket preservation involves using sterile materials and membranes to fill in and cover the hole left behind after an extraction. This allows the hole to be filled in and will greatly slow or even eliminate the deterioration of the gums and jaw in that area. Proactive treatment will go a long way in keeping existing teeth healthy and strong. This results in a better looking and better functioning tooth and jaw structure over the long-run.


Socket preservation following tooth extraction keeps your teeth looking great and functioning properly and offers many great benefits that you can enjoy:

Cosmetic Benefits – Without socket preservation treatment, shrinking gums and jawbone material can lead to deformities, sores, and more advanced dental issues that will need to be dealt with. Cosmetic benefits are the most common reasons these treatments are done but they are not the only benefits you can enjoy.

Dental Implants – All forms of dental prosthesis, whether they are implants, bridges, partials, or permanent dentures, require good gum and jaw support. Socket preservation helps protect these essential structures and helps to keep more tooth replacement options open to you in the future if the need ever arises.

Healthy Smile– First impressions matter now more than ever and many people base impressions off your appearance. A healthy smile can go a long way in helping you find success in many areas of your life. When you take care of your teeth and gums after an extraction, you protect the appearance of your smile


The skilled and experienced team of dental care experts here at Loop Perio can take care of your oral health needs.