Gum Care Treatments

The goal of all treatments related to periodontal disease is to thoroughly clean the teeth and gums. Treatment options vary depending on the severity of the condition, but all treatments start with some form of pocket cleaning and reduction. Pockets can form when the gums pull away from the teeth and create gaps. It is in these pockets that food particles collect and bacteria gets established.

This leads to infection and advanced periodontal disease with bone loss. Pocket reduction surgery helps to repair these empty pockets by cleaning out the infection and reattaching the gums to the teeth. If you have been looking for advanced dental care in the area or have questions about pocket reduction surgery, Loop Perio is where you need to be.

Our team of periodontal and tooth and gum care experts has years of experience with a range of advanced dental care needs. We are ready to help you minimize your risk for periodontal disease by taking care of your teeth and gums with pocket reduction surgery today.


While it is technically a type of surgery, pocket reduction thoroughly cleans the teeth and gums, removes infection, and makes it easier to keep plaque, tartar, and bacteria at bay. Specific goals of gum care surgery are as follows:

  • Fights Bacteria-As we have already seen, bacteria cause periodontal disease. Eliminating the deep pockets where bacteria reside is the best way to reduce the risk of future problems.
  • Prevent additional Bone Loss-Untreated periodontal disease will lead to advanced bone loss in the teeth and jaw. The best way to prevent this is to reduce entry points for bacteria by closing pockets.
  • Enhance Your Smile- When you have advanced periodontal disease, your smile is not as nice looking as it could be. By taking control, you can regain a healthy beautiful smile.
  • Facilitating Oral Care- Pocket reduction surgery can help your ability to reach all of the teeth surfaces when you brush and floss so you can prevent additional inflammation and bone loss. Loop Perio is here to help you maintain good oral health.


If you need pocket reduction surgery or have questions about how to get the best advanced dental care in the area, you have come to the right place.